Material for bilingual groups

Speaking in English about music. en inglés.

Another one about education

Many many funny games about  instruments and another musical contents


Human ear,

Process of hearing

Auditory system ( very clear and simple)

-Noise Pollution ( Test sobre la contaminación acústica)

Listen to this radio programme about Noise

- Characteristics of the classical, pop and popular music

-Musical genres

 The Human Voice

Vocal cords
Vocal folds, video

 Voice Classification


Treble clef, G clef
The grand staff
Treble clef notes for kids

Note names, rests and dotted notes

How rhythm works 

Music Textures

Dynamics, vídeo 1
Video 2 about dynamics
Video 3  about dynamics

Dynamics markings

Tempo. Vídeo 1
Video 2 about tempo
Video 3 about Tempo
Expressive terms about Dynamics and Tempo


Families of instruments
Instruments families

How musical instruments are classified
-The instruments of the orchestra ( "Define its sound") 
Many videos about instruments

Musical instruments

Instrument families

Vídeo 1 about families in the orchestra
Video 2 in English about Musical Instruments

Vídeo 3
The Hoffnung orchestra

Spin off about instruments. A funny game.
Another game about family instruments

-Pass the word
-All types of Music Exercises for Exams in English
-Another interesting material for teachers

-Animal band quiz

Interesting webs  (Links)

-Little Johnny Brown-Bumbadiadi

Interesting books to study music in English: 
A to Z, Music, Oxford Children´s ( Diccionario de términos musicales en inglés)
GCSE Music ( Complete revision and practice)