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This word begins with...


-A branch of physics that studies sound.

-It's the lowest female voice.

- Slowly. It´s a bit faster Tempo than Largo.

- It's  a group of people who participate in a show listening music and then, clapping at the end.


-Family of instruments that play strong sounds and made of metal.

-It's an instrument with a double reed and conical tube that typically plays music written in the bass and tenor registers.

-He is a famous composer who became deaf and composed “For Elisa” and nine symphonies.

-It's perhaps the most important pop group in the history of pop music.One of its most famous songs is Yellow Submarine.

-It's a musical instrument similar to guitar but has four strings and lower pitched than it.

-It's a percussion instrument made up of two wooden drums.

-It's a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.


-It's a percussión instrument consists of a pair of concave shells joined on one edge by a string.

-Instrument that fascinated Mozart with its sound. It belongs to Woodwind family.

-Bass instrument of the Bowed String Family.

-It's a type of woodwind instrument with a single reed.

-It's a symbol at the star of a line tell you how high or low to play the notes.

-It's a live performance (typically of music) before an audience

-The person you will see beating time, controlling the tempo and interpreting the music in front of a choir or an orchestra.

-The person who stands at the front, facing the orchestra.

-It's the British band that composed the famous song "Viva la vida".

-It's made up by a shell of a sea snail. It can used like an instrument.

-It´s a bigger and deeper than violin and viola belonging to String family.


-It's a piece of music played or sung by two performers.

-It's a Spanish double reed instrument in the oboe family with a conical shape.

-It is a member of the percussion group of musical instruments, which is technically classified as the membranophones.It's usually played by the hand, or by one or two sticks.

-American Dj. His surname is Guetta.

Just to the right of a note or rest makes it half as long again.


It's an amplified guitar with a loudspeaker. It has a solid body.


-It's a high- pitched wind instrument consisting off a tube with holes along it. It has not a reed and is played horizontally.

-It's a rhythmic and spanish type of music.

Next to a note means you have to play it one semitone lower

-Very loud

-Is a musician who plays an instrument in the flute family.


It's a stringed musical instrument with a fretted fingerboard and six or twelve strings.

It's the most popular string instrument. Its sounds are made by plucking or strumming the strings with the right hand.


-It's a multi-stringed instrument, roughly triangular in shape.

-It's a loud type of rock music. Its sound is amplified, so that the drums and guitars thunder out a deafning beat. Itś usually hated y old people.

-InstrumenPopular musict that belongs to Brass with a circular shape.

-It's a brass musical instrument in the tuba family.

-Song that is always sung in a birthday.


Opening bit of a song or piece.


Music that ws born in USA, in New Orleans, in nineteenth century.

The music of an advertisement on TV.

The name of a young canadian singer who has many fans in the world.

He is the composer of the soundtracks in James Bond films.


The surname of an Austrian conductor. His name is Clauss.

It's an instrument with keys arranged as on a piano.

It was invented by the japanese in eightees and has become popular all over the world.

It was a very famous Spanisk group. Its most known song was Aserejé. 


Someone who makes or repairs lutes and other string instruments. Frnt, played by plucking.

Stringed instrument with a long neck and a rounded body from Arabic origin, used in the Middle Ages and in Renaissance.

They are the words of a song.

The staff is made of spaces and ...


-Machine that indicates the right speed for a piece of music.

-Instrument consisting of a dried calabash or gourd shell or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans.

-Fairly loud

-Fairly quiet

-It's a device created or adapted for the purpose of making musical sounds

-Woman's voice beetwen alto and soprano.

-The King of Pop.


It's an instrument that belongs to Woodwind family. Its sound is sharp and bright and has a doluble reed.

Kind of code that allows other people to play your music.

A sign used in musical notation to represent the relative duration and pitch of a sound;


A musical pattern which repeats over and over again.

The distance from one note to the nexte note up or down with the same letter name.

It's a play that is set to music. The character sing instead of speaking.

It's the treble voice of the woodwind instrument.

It's the name we used for a big group of instruments.


-It's the highest instrument in woodwind family.

-It's a keyboard with white and black keys.

- The person who plays the piano.

-Really fast.


-It is aggresive rock music with angry lyrics and a violent heavy beat. Sex Pistols is the most important group in this type of music.

-It's a instrument that is played by pressing the keys with fingers of both hands.

It is a genre of popular music which originated in the 1950s, deriving from rock and roll.


Piece for four players or a group with four players.

Piece for five players or a group with five players.

Contained Q: Itś a Mass for the dead


They tell you how many beats to hold a silence for.

It´s a type of music developed in the slums of Jamaica in 1960's.

The instrument all students play at school. It has seven holes.

It's the music that was born in USA in 1950s joining country and rhythm and blues.


Composer who composed Radetzsky March

A sequence of ordered musical notes

Instrument made of brass that was invented in 1846 and played in Jazz bands normally.

The five lines in which music is written.

It's the gap beetwen any keey, black or white, and its inmediate neighbour on a piano.

Next to a note tells you to play ot one semitone higher.

The highest female voice.

Someone who plays or sings on their own. Sometimes this person is accompanied by an orchestra, as in a concerto.


It's a percussión instruments with a triangular shape and made of metal.

It's the speed of the music.

It is the musical instrument with the highest register in the brass family.

The highest male voice.

Curved line that joins two notes of the same pitch.

It's the name os a male voice that is pitched below alto and above bass.

The bigger instrument in Brass.

It is a musical instrument in the percussion family consisting of a frame, often of wood or plastic, with pairs of small metal jingles, called "zils".

U shaped metal piece generally made of steal.


It's a member of the guitar family of instruments. It was very popular in Hawai and then, in USA.

It's produced when people play or sing the same notes or the same tune together.

It's an ireland rock band with a famous singer, Bono.


Itś the highed pitched instrument in its family. It must be played over the left shoulder.

It's similar to violin but it's lower than it.

Instrument similar to violin but it's larger and its sound is more serious.

Itś the sound produced when your lungs vibrates the vocal chords in your throat.

Very lively, quicker than Allegro.


It's a simple aerophone which produces sound from a stream of forced air.

It can further be divided into two groups: flutes and reed instruments.

The saxo belongs to this family of instrument.

It's a brand tradename originally used for portable audio cassette players.

The official song sang by Shakira in the 2010 World Cup.


It is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden (not steel) bars struck by mallets.


It's is an special kind of singing. It was used by cowhereds to call to each other on the mountains slopes of the Swiss Alps.

Contains Y:

Itś the name of a march that is always played in New Years Concert.

Web page in which we can see all kinds of videos.


Contains the Z: One of the most famous conductor. His name is Lorin.

A very typical Spanish instrument played in Christmas.