Types of sound in films/ videos/ media: 

- Dialogue

- Music

- Narration and Voice-over


Creating Sound in films: The Art of Foley

1-Much of what you hear in the movies is “created”. Let´s find out the elements behind each of these sounds. Match A and B:

A What you see                         B What you really hear

1-Dogs paws                                              a) pine cones

2-A boat going through the waves               b) a feather duster

3-Footsteps on the snow                             c) leaves rustling

4-Horse hooves                                          d )a Batman cape

5-Cracking ice                                           e) gloves with paper clips

6-Bird wings                                              f) water splashing in a tub

7-A vicious thunderstorm                            g) feet tromping on play sand

8-Sails on a boat                                        h) coconuts clomping

2-Rearrange the words and find these interesting reflections about the magic of sound and films:

-magic Hollywood in everything and is make-believe

-Story we into bring the sound

-Any create we mood can with sound

-sound two one all hitting one is elements another

3- The artist of sounds say “We have to fight with music, sometimes dialogues, but when you hear it at home it should be natural”. What do they mean by that?

4- Which element would you use to create the magic of sound for a specific action?

For example: shaking a metal blade in the air to create the effect of a thunder

5- Try to create these effects with non conventional instruments: 

- It´s raining

- A horse is galoping

- A thunder

- ...

This exercise has been written by Antonio Carrasco, one of the English teacher in Rodríguez Moñino Secondary School in Badajoz.