Types of sound in films/ videos/ media: 

- Dialogues

- Music

- Narration and Voice-over


Creating Sound in films: The Art of Foley

1-Much of what you hear in the movies is “created”. Let´s find out the elements behind each of these sounds. Match A and B:

A What you see                         B What you really hear

1-Dogs paws                                              a) pine cones

2-A boat going through the waves               b) a feather duster

3-Footsteps on the snow                             c) leaves rustling

4-Horse hooves                                          d )a Batman cape

5-Cracking ice                                           e) gloves with paper clips

6-Bird wings                                              f) water splashing in a tub

7-A vicious thunderstorm                            g) feet tromping on play sand

8-Sails on a boat                                        h) coconuts clomping

2-Rearrange the words and find these interesting reflections about the magic of sound and films:

-magic Hollywood in everything and is make-believe

-Story we into bring the sound

-Any create we mood can with sound

-sound two one all hitting one is elements another

3- The artist of sounds say “We have to fight with music, sometimes dialogues, but when you hear it at home it should be natural”. What do they mean by that?

4- Which element would you use to create the magic of sound for a specific action? Create your own Foley effect and describe it. 

For example: shaking a metal blade in the air to create the effect of a thunder

5- Try to create these effects with non conventional instruments: ( Choose two) 

- It´s raining

- A horse is galoping

- A thunder

- ...

6- Look for another interesting vídeo about Foley effects. 

This exercise has been written by Antonio Carrasco, one of the English teacher in Rodríguez Moñino Secondary School in Badajoz.

Another interesting videos about Foley effects

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