The instruments of the orchestra

Name of the instrument:

  1. What is it like? Smooth, silky or rough? soft or hard? tender, celestial, poetic, intimate or brilliant, heroic, brave or pompous regal? metallic, dull sound, squeaky, clean or nasal? light or heavy? archaic, medieval or modern? sensual, humorous, enthusiastic, sad or happy? relaxing or tense? wet or dry? opaque or cristal clear? spiritual, religios or sensual? silky or…?
  2. What colour is it?  Green, blue, pink...? Light or dark ?  Bold or faint?
  3. What temperature is it? Boiling, hot, warm, cold, freezing?
  4. What does it taste like? Sweet, salty, bitter, acidic?
  5. What shape is it? Round, pointed, jagged, spiky…?
  6. What does it smell like? Sweet, nasty, zesty, spicy…?
  7. How old is it? Childish, youthful, mature?
  8. What family of instruments does it belong to? Strings, Woodwinds, Brass or Percussion?
  9. What pitch is it? High pitched, low pitched, medium?
  10. Can you draw the sound of this instrument?
Would you like to describe the sound with some of these questions: Draw it or explain it with your own words.
     If it were a season, which would it be?
     If it were a country, which would it be?
     If it were an animal, which would it be?
     If  it were a fruit, which would it be?
     If it were a dish or food, which would it be?
     If it were a drink, which would it be?
     If it were a person, who would it be?
     If it were a country, which would it be?
     If it were a car, which would it be?

The last questions:
  1. Draw the instrument with all its parts.
  2. Write all you know about this instrument. 
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